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WONDER Events & COMM offers fun and engaging team building workshops that will allow your team members to share an authentic collaborative learning experience through interactive games. Our approach combines the best practices in cognitive science, creativity, agile technology and theatre improvisation. 

Our workshops can be designed with a specific focus that meets your needs and will be accomplished through a customised games-based workshop. We can focus on management, communication, leadership, change, conflict resolution, or simply, bringing your team together to have fun and to share good times.


Let yourself be guided through a unique experience that will provide an exceptional moment for you and your fellow workers. The workshops can be organized in French, English and Spanish.


Tell us what you are looking to achieve, and we will design a workshop that meets your needs!

Do you want to get more information? A demo? Then, just contact us by phone +352 621 463 468 or by email wonderlaura@wonderevents.lu 

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